Monday, December 8, 2008

Earlier Times

I guess that I am really not a "blogger" for this is the first time since this summer that I updated my blog. Perhaps the impetus came from watching an interview with Arianna Huffington by Charlie Rose. Arianna has written the definitve book on blogging and her insights showed that bloggers can, indeed, change what happens. Well, I don't figure on changing anybody's mind or fortunes with what I write but here are a few thoughts on current society.
I have the good fortune to have a one-on-one relationship with a young woman who wishes to learn more about darkroom photography. We had a session today in which she learned how to make a contact sheet and print one of her own negatives. Her sparkle and enthusiam keep me on my toes. What I did realize was that the years which separate us...and they are many...also separate us in language. She refers to "earlier times" (perhaps she is thinking of the 20's as olden days) as simply "the day" when speaking with me. "Ah, you mean in the old days, " I replied. She laughed and then later I used the expression "pleased as punch." Again she rose to the bait and remarked that that must have been a saying. Then I laughed. I think it is all this text messaging that deprives some of expressing themselves a little more fully.
Well we manage to understand each other anyhow and I am glad for the chance to make a point that language today needs to be paid attention to. And hopefully our new president will support that contention.