Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winter and Taxes

2008 through 2009 a long winter's night. Today in the fifties and a spot of sunshine on my back deck. Stepped out onto the wet wood, (we are just trying to get rid of three feet of snow!) inhaled deeply and knew that soon spring would come. Even the birds were actively singing when I drove to the refuge on Plum Island. But with a fine day come lots and lots of people. I think I prefer the quiet of nothingness, way out there by the salt pans. They are still frozen; no birds yet, but last time in the Parker River a gaggle of geese floated downstream. Finished a draft of my taxes today and feel relieved knowing I don't have to support wars with my money. Moving around has been difficult this winter and I long for the sands and sun, for the breezes of spring and summer, and the freedom to move around.

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